Australian Skin Cream Moisturisers are made from natural components such as Lanolin, Emu oil, Lemon Myrtle, Tea-Tree, Eucalyptus oil, Avocado oil and Macadamia oils.

How Green is Your Beauty Regime?

Our mothers have been mistaken; beauty is really more than skin deep. From deodorant to facial toners, we slather and spray a vast array of products onto our skin every day without realizing just what we are really exposing ourselves to.  It is common knowledge that our skin acts as a sponge, among other things. Everything you put on it will get absorbed to some extent. It is important to know how green is your beauty skin regiment? So, what is... [Read More...]

Avocado for Skin Care Keeps The Wrinkles Away

In our modern age, a lot of emphasis is placed on external beauty. A beautiful glowing skin is paramount to the appearance of good health. We spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics to chase the proverbial Fountain of Youth and fend off Father Time, but we so easily overlook the one miracle product that has been around for centuries. There is more to avocado than a tasty accompaniment to nachos. Yes, avocados are typically ingested, but its usefulness... [Read More...]

The Effects Stress Induces On The Skin

When you are suffering through a stress induced slump, the effects are more far reaching than just impacting your mental state. We all know that tension can wreak havoc on your state of mind, leaving you drained and lethargic. However, stress also has a devastating impact on your appearance, including your skin.   The most common contributing effects of stress induced skin symptoms are caused lack of sleep. Beauty sleep is indeed a relevant term.... [Read More...]

Sunburn Doesn’t Have to Get Under Your Skin

There is a strong correlation between the sun’s rays and skin damage. As you age, the skin all over your body loses elasticity, but the areas that are exposed to the sun are the most prone to age more rapidly. Exposure to the sun’s light( sun burn), more commonly known as UV or UVB rays accounts for the mass symptoms of premature aging. This aging process is known as photoaging, and the effect occur around the age of 20. Only some of the harmful... [Read More...]