Australian CO Q10 & Rose-hip Complex Oil

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 • Advanced Antioxidant Serum to neutralise free radicals

• CoQ helps with healthy cell function and keeps cells healthy
• Organic Rose hip oil contains beta carotene, vitamin C and E and rich in essential fatty acids.
• Vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids help correct dark spots, reduce scars and hydrate itchy skin.
• Made in Australia - Sulphate free, Paraben free, Lanolin free, Mineral oil free, Artificial colour free, Artificial fragrance free and SLS free.

• Satisfaction Guarantee -Best of all, our products are of such a high standard that we back them with a Satisfaction Guarantee.


CoQ10, is antioxidant that diminishes as we age, reducing the skins ability to stand up to damage. The Co Q10 Complex Oil is an exclusive product specially formulated using some of the most nourishing and regenerative ingredients to help combat the delicate ageing process.

CoQ10 is an enzyme that has 3 functions. 

  1. Produces energy for healthy cell function.
  2. Is an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals.
  3. Keeps cells healthy.

Using CoQ10 in your daily beauty regime can greatly enhance cell efficiency as well as repair and regenerate damaged skin cells.

    • Organic Rosehip Oil -  Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for skin health. 
    • CoEnzyme Q10 - Energises cells to promote regeneration and stimulate collagen. Fights free radicals to slow down break down of cells.
    • Vitamin A -  Reduces wrinkles and increases blood from to the surface of the skin. 
    • Alpha Bisabolol - Simulates healing and good source of panthenol, which is a form of vitamin B. It helps retain the moisture instead of drying out. 
    • Jojoba oil - contains many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins. Naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E which works to regenerate skin cells. 
    • Almond Sweet Oil -  Protects skin against UV radiation and slows down the effects of UV damage after exposure. 

Directions for use: Apply to the face and neck twice a day, morning and night. The Co Q10 Complex Oil is to be used underneath a non-active daily moisturiser.

Vitamin A Concentration: This serum contains 0.2% Vitamin A Palmitate which should be a safe amount to use in a day-wear product as long as no additional retinol products are being used. When vitamin A is present in excess on the skin it can react with sunlight and become photo sensitising.  At low levels vitamin A helps maintain a healthy looking complexion.

Characteristics:  Neutral smell and thick serum  Suitable for night use.  Apply and let serum soak into skin before going to bed.  For best results use with combination with day time Vitamin C Serum 

Ingredients: Almond Sweet Oil, Jojoba Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil *, Rose Absolute, Seabuckthorn Seed Oil *, Vitamin C Isopalmitate, Alpha-Bisabolol, Vitamin A Palmitate, CoEnzyme Q10, Rosemary Leaf Extract * * Denotes Certified Organic 

Note: The information provided is for educational purposes only. Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgement in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.